Grill woks for stir fry on the grill Complete Guide

Ready to take your stir-fry to the grill? You can now prepare healthy grilled wok dishes right in your backyard!

This guide will show you all the necessary steps and techniques so you can enjoy delicious stir-fries every time. You’ll never worry about unhealthy cooking methods again.


Welcome to our complete guide on grilling stir fry with a grill wok. This guide covers what you need to know to get the best results from your cooking, from different types of woks and how to use them, to seasoning tips and techniques for making tasty stir-fry dishes.

We’ll also cover some essential safety advice for using your wok correctly, as well as some additional tips for the perfect dish every time. Lastly, we’ve provided some recipes that are sure to make your next barbeque night a success!

With this guide, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy tasty grilled stir fry with friends and family. So let’s get started!

Explanation of what grill woks are and their benefits for cooking stir fry on the grill.

Grill woks have become increasingly popular over the years as a great way to cook up those delicious and fast-paced Asian-style stir fry meals you love to eat. Not only are these lightweight pieces of cooking equipment perfect for grilling, but they also offer a range of benefits for making it individually easier to grill up your favourite stir fry dishes.

Grill woks, or BBQ woks as they’re sometimes called, are specially designed with a deep base and high sides that will help prevent ingredients from burning or sticking to the bottom of the pan during cooking. The shape of the wok also helps ensure that heat is evenly distributed in the pan, meaning each ingredient will be cooked to perfection. These woks stand out from other types of cooking pots because they also come with convenient gate handles which allow you to easily pick up and move your stir fry over the grill without having to touch hot surfaces in the process.

These lightweight yet sturdy pieces of cooking equipment can be easily placed onto both gas and charcoal grills and boast a variety of features including round bottoms which make swishing ingredients around much easier than with traditional flat pans – perfect if you’re looking for an effortless stirring experience! The deep walls on this type of wok also mean that you can fill it with more ingredients than you would be able to fit into an ordinary flat pan. This means that you can cook delicious stir-fry meals for larger groups in no time at all!

Types of Grill Woks

Grill woks are typically classified in four different styles that vary according to shape and size, as well as the material they are made from. It is important to understand the different types of grill woks and how they might be used as part of your grilling or stir-frying recipes.

  1. Wok Skillets: The traditional round-bottomed shape of Asian stir fry, a wok skillet is perfect for large batches of high-heat cooking. Generally made from cast iron, these skillets distribute heat evenly and come in sizes ranging from 12 to 17 inches across the top.
  2. Carbon Steel Woks: These woks are a popular variety among professional chefs, due to their durability and ability to withstand very high temperatures without warping. They tend to be slightly lighter than cast iron, making them a good choice for those who don’t like cooking with heavier materials.
  3. Non-Stick Woks: Often coated with silicone or another nonstick surface, these wok styles are ideal if you don’t want to deal with maintaining a properly oiled cooking surface or if you’re worried about food sticking on your hot grill grates. Nonstick surfaces also make cleanup easier but may not last as long as traditional materials like carbon steel or cast iron when exposed to high temperatures frequently or neglected carelessly over time.
  4. Stovetop Woks: These are typically round stainless steel containers with two handles meant for indoor use only; they should not be placed on the grill under any circumstances since they were not designed for open flame use! They can be great additions to the kitchen if you plan on stir frying indoors during inclement weather or just prefer cooking on the stovetop anyhow.

Overview of the different types of grill woks available on the market

Today, more and more people are looking to explore different ways of cooking. With the rise in popularity of outdoor grilling, grill woks have become a popular choice for those wanting to add a unique twist to traditional stir-fry recipes or create entirely new dishes. Grill woks are specifically designed for use on the grill and offer an enhanced flavor experience over their traditional stovetop counterparts. This guide offers an overview of the different types of grill wok available on the market, their key features and tips on how to use them effectively.

The two main types of grill woks available on the market are flat bottomed and round bottomed. Flat bottomed models feature a wide and shallow base that is designed to evenly distribute heat across a larger cooking area, ideal for faster cooking times. The flat surface also assists with keeping more delicate ingredients from falling through the grate leading to less waste. Round-bottomed models feature sloped sides that assist with stirring ingredients as they cook and dispersing heat through circulation for even cooking. They are best suited for slower simmering dishes that require high temperatures over longer periods of time.

Both flat bottomed and round bottomed models serve one main purpose – provide an easy way to cook vegetables, proteins, seafood, noodles and other stir fry dishes on your outdoor grill. Many users find a grill wok especially helpful when cooking quicker-cooking recipes like stir fries due its large surface area allowing them to sauté meats with ease or even rapid-fire veggies while keeping everything contained in close proximity during the process. Additionally, some users report even greater control when it comes to regulating heat by using multiple sections simultaneously — testing out different combinations before reaching their desired result can really make a difference between an average stir fry dish versus ones bursting with unique flavors!

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Comparison of features, materials, and price ranges.

A grill wok is a great way to make a delicious stir fry on the grill. When shopping for one, you will want to consider the different features, materials, and price ranges that are available.

When it comes to features, some grilling woks come with accessories such as a handle, lid, or other cooking utensils. Other accessories such as non-stick surfaces or raised edges are nice additions. If you plan on using it for more than just stir fry then you might want to look for one that has multiple racks and levels of heat distribution for several different types of food.

As for materials, most grill woks are made of stainless steel or aluminum and have a non-stick coating such as Teflon or ceramic. The benefit of these materials is that they can withstand high temperatures while also being lightweight and easy to clean.

Finally, you should keep an eye on the price range when selecting your grill wok as there can be considerable variation in pricing between different sizes and models. Larger models can cost up to several hundred dollars while smaller ones may be slightly less expensive but still adequate for most tasks at hand.

III. Choosing the Right Grill Wok

When you are making the decision to purchase a grill wok, there are some things you need to know. What size do you need? What material should it be made of? How well will it perform under high heat?

The size of the wok is important because it will determine how much food you can fit in it and how evenly the heat will spread across its interior. If your wok is too small, your food may burn, while an exceptionally large wok may end up wasting fuel by spreading too much heat around creating uneven cooking temperatures. Generally speaking, a 14” diameter wok provides the best performance for most grills, but if your grill has a particularly large cooking surface area then you may opt for a larger size.

Material is another important factor to consider when buying a grill wok. An ideal material allows for quick and even heating, so stainless steel or carbon steel are ideal materials that provide excellent thermal properties on the grill as well as being easy to clean. Non-stick surfaces such as teflon should generally be avoided because they may contain harmful chemicals and have poor thermal conductivity that can lead to uneven cooking temperatures.

Finally, performance is something that must be considered before purchasing a grill wok. It’s essential that your chosen model can handle the high temperatures created by grilling without warping or damaging itself over time. Steel and cast iron models are renowned for their ability to withstand long-term exposure to high heat while also providing superior heat retention properties and even cooking temperatures throughout its entire interior surface area – something non stick surfaces cannot provide.

Factors to consider when selecting a grill wok, including size, shape, and material

When shopping for a grill wok, it is important to consider several factors in order to make the best purchase. The most important factor is size — choose a grill wok that can accommodate all of the ingredients you will be cooking, plus any accompanying sauces and seasonings.

It is also important to consider its shape; traditionally, grill woks are round but they come in various shapes to accommodate different recipes and cuisines.

Next, consider material — options range from traditional metal or carbon steel to aluminum or enameled cast iron. Each material has its own advantages, including heat conduction, durability and weight. They often come with or without handles as well, so make sure you choose one that fits your needs.

Additionally, some metal varieties require seasoning with oil before use, so be sure to check if that’s required before purchasing if this is an important factor for you.

Tips for finding a wok that is compatible with your grill.

When selecting a grill wok for your outdoor kitchen, look for one with a flat bottom that fits snugly onto the grill grates. The flat portion of the wok will help make sure that heat is distributed evenly and quickly while keeping your stir fry food from sticking. The higher sides are helpful in containing splatter and stir fry larger portions. It’s also important to check that the size of your wok isn’t so large that it falls through the grill grates.

In addition, consider the material of the wok when purchasing – typically, either stainless steel or cast iron are best for use on the grill. Cast iron holds heat more efficiently than stainless steel and is better suited for high-heat cooking; however, it is heavier than stainless steel so keep in mind you may need to move it around while cooking. Stainless steel is lightweight but heats up slower which can be beneficial if you expect to be cooking low and slow or have multiple rounds of different recipes during one meal prep session. Finally, check that your wok’s handle is made from a material such as hardwood or silicone either glued on or securely bolted so you can safely move it around without burning yourself or risk dropping items out of its deep sides when transferring to and from the flame!

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Preparing Your Grill Wok

Before you begin preheating your grill to cook your stir fry, it is important to prepare your grill wok. Before any use of the wok, it is essential to season it with oil and heat. This helps season the metal and create a protective layer that will help prevent food from sticking while cooking. Properly seasoning a new wok also helps to create a nonstick surface and allow for easy cleanup after cooking.

To season your grill wok, start by heating the pot over medium high heat until it’s hot enough that a drop of water on its surface will evaporate quickly. Next, wipe the inside with vegetable oil or cooking spray before returning to the heat for another 1-2 minutes until lightly smoking for 10 minutes. Lastly, using tongs remove from heat and let cool before using. Remember to clean after each use and season when first purchased or after long periods in storage or when food begins sticking too much during cooking.

Steps for seasoning your grill wok before its first use

A grill wok is a great addition to any outdoor grilling setup, allowing you to create delicious stir fry dishes while also having more room than a traditional skillet or frying pan would offer. Before your first use, it is important to season the wok to protect the surface from potential damage and food sticking issues. Follow these steps to properly season your grill wok before its first use.

Step 1: Wash with hot soapy water— Using hot and soapy water, carefully wash all parts of the wok, including handles. Ensure that there remains no leftover residue from the manufacturing process. Dry thoroughly with a clean towel or paper napkins.

Step 2: Make sure everything is dry – Make sure that all parts of your grill wok are completely dry before moving on with the seasoning process.. This will ensure that the oil used in seasoning will not mix with any remaining liquids and evaporate away without properly lubricating the metal surfaces.

Step 3: Lubricate surface – Heat up the entire surface of your grill wok using medium heat on your stove top or on an open flame.. Now take some cooking oil (like canola, olive, coconut oil) on a piece of kitchen paper towel and gently wipe it over the entire surface of your wok, inside and outside its handles too. Also make sure to coat additionally any spots where food particles may potentially stick such as divots commonly found on thin ridges along edges of round bottomed versions of this cookware piece. Let cool for 15 minutes before continuing ahead for next step!

Step 4: Heat up again lightly – With an oven mitt in hand, gently heat up your newly oiled yet cooled cast ironwok for about 30 seconds under low flame until you can smell aromas coming off from it… Let cool completely once done! Congratulations- you have successfully seasoned your new cast ironwook so it’s ready for use!

Proper cleaning and maintenance techniques to prolong the life of your wok.

In order to keep your grill wok looking its best and working in top condition, it is important to properly care for and clean the wok after each use. Since your grill wok is more exposed to direct heat, it is more likely to suffer some wear and tear. The following steps will help you take care of your grill wok so that it can last as long as possible:

  1. After each use, let the wok cool down completely before cleaning. Do not submerge hot metal into cold or cool water as this could cause warping or cracking.
  2. Use a mild dish soap and a soft bristle brush in order to clean any food particles off of the surface of the pan without compromising its non-stick surface.
  3. Make sure that you properly dry your grill wok before storing as any moisture could damage the material over time.
  4. Season regularly with oil in order to maintain its non-stick properties and extend its life span – do not use strong acid cleaners like vinegar or citrus-based products on stainless steel cookware as they may break down the finish over time!
  5. Store away from direct heat by placing it in a dry, dark area when not in use – this will prevent warping and discoloration of the material due to exposure to heat sources such as direct sunlight or open fire grills/stoves!

How to Use a Wok on the Grill


In conclusion, with a few simple steps you can adapt your barbecue grill to be used as an effective tool for making great-tasting stir fry. Whether you are looking for an easy way to make stir fry meals at home or an exciting new way of grilling outdoors with friends, a grill wok is a great choice. Grill woks can take the ordinary grilled meal and turn it into something special.

Whether you are in search of quick and easy mid-week meals or something fun for outdoor gatherings, the versatility of a wok makes it easy to enjoy fresh and healthy stir fry wherever you may be. With this guide in mind, you will now have all the tools and resources necessary to create delicious and healthful recipes on the grill that taste just like they came from your favorite Chinese restaurant!

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